Reading Assignment 6 - A&P

Reading Assignment 6 - A&P - READINGS ASSIGNMENT...

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READINGS ASSIGNMENT Your Name: Deepak Sela Author(s) of text: John Updike Date published/Country: 1962 Social/historical context: what is happening in author’s life, society and time period? (connect to text) Society was the norm as any would in the 60’s; Rise of the hippies. Updike was a highly successful and consistent writer whose stories were very popular. Genre: Classical Fiction Short Story Narrative and Tone: First Person Character(s): Sammy, Lengel, Stokesie, 3 Bikini Girls Plot and Setting: Three girls in bikinis walk into the A&P and buy some Herring crackers, and then Lengel lectures them for violating the dress code. After this, Sammy sticks up for them and decides to quit his job. Motifs and Symbolism: Herring crackers, Stokesie and Lengel’s lives. Main idea(s): (1) Sammy sees girls in bikinis enter A&P and buy some herring crackers, this represents the high class of the girls who r in “bikinis” while Sammy, a young man, is living his life which is oddly similar to Stokesie’s, a married man who will forever be
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Reading Assignment 6 - A&P - READINGS ASSIGNMENT...

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