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Reading Assignment 8 - Young Goodman Brown

Reading Assignment 8 - Young Goodman Brown - READINGS...

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READINGS ASSIGNMENT Your Name: Deepak Sela Title of text: Young Goodman Brown Author(s) of text: Nathaniel Hawthorne Date published/Country: 1835/USA Social/historical context: what is happening in author’s life, society and time period? (connect to text) Hawthorne’s family was a part of the Salem witch trials. He was fascinated to write about stories involving faith, temptation, and Puritanism. Genre: Myth Narrative and Tone: American Romanticism Character(s): Goodman Brown, Faith, Old man, Goody Cloyse, The Minister, Deacon Gookin Plot and Setting: The story begins in front of Goodman Brown’s house, where he is saying bye to Faith as he leaves on his one day trip. He then walks through the forest where he meets an old man with a serpent cane who is found out to be the devil by another, Goody Cloyse, a respected woman in the village who is just now found out to be a witch. He is given the cane and told to rest a while. During this time, however, he hears
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