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READINGS ASSIGNMENT Your Name: Deepak Sela Title of text: The Things they Carried Author(s) of text: Tim O’Brien Date published/Country: 1986/USA Social/historical context: what is happening in author’s life, society and time period? (connect to text) The author fought in Vietnam and so he made this story by a recollection of his memories from his past. He used the same characters in this story for his book which continued the story which this story ends at. Genre: War Story Narrative and Tone: Switches between First Person and Third Person Plot and Setting: It takes place in Vietnam and O’Brien talks about the physical and mental strains they had with them. Motifs and Symbolism: Storytelling, dead soldier, loneliness. Main idea(s): (1) The physical and emotional pain that comes from being on the battlefield all the more emphasized by death. Quote(s), with page number(s), that supports main idea(s): “This was not Mount Sebastian, it was another world, where there were no pretty poems
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Unformatted text preview: or midterm exams, a place where men died because of carelessness and gross stupidity. Kiowa was right. Boom-down, and you were dead, never partly dead. (223) Your response to the work: write ONE structured paragraph (topic sentence, explanation, support/examples, discuss in detail then sum up and connect to your reader) Tim OBriens The Things they Carried was as the title sounded, what they carried; it talked about their artillery, their keepsakes, and even their fear and anxiety in what was a battlefield. The story did not appeal to me as it was too war terms-ey and death doesnt really appeal to me nor the guilt unless its a mystery. The quote above can be thought of as the opposite of home; war, a place where death belongs. They carry the things important to them because they are afraid of death and need comforting. Overall, It was an ok read, not too fun but not the most interesting either....
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