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Music 101 January 6, 2012

Music 101 January 6, 2012 - Music 101 Genre I Symphony Two...

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Music 101 Genre I. Symphony Two famous beginnings: Ludwig B. Beethoven, symphony No.5 short short long. Called a motive…a short distinct musical figure that can stand by itself. 3 halfs and a 2 count. In this period the music scores were very formulated especially because they worked for people. Genre II. Tone Poem (Symphonic Poem) They are long and drawn out beautifully……like Romeo and Juliet . 2X….related to personal experience. A one movement work or orchestra that tries to capture in music the emotions and events associated with a story, play, or personal experience. 1 st movement Friedrich Nietzsche also Sprach Zarathustra- German Philosopher. (Took a story of….and put it to music) Chapter 2 Rhythm Melody Harmony and Rhythm are the 3 building blocks to music Rhythm-Beat the organization of time in music. 4/4 is common time which is the quarter note. Rest- indicates silence. Meter- The gathering of beats into regular groupings Duple-mr.pin stripe suit….1,2, 1,2,1,2-la ci darem la mano Triple-Eine kleine nachtmusic, III, Tiding of joy Quadruple The downbeat is the strongest beat in any given measure! Syncopation -places the accent either on a weak beat of between beats. (Like Samba holding the one) Tempo - the speed at which the beats progress….presto (very fast)- allegro (fast)- moderato (moderate)- adante (walking tempo) – largo(long/drawn out) When Rhythm Dominates over the melody which is most POP. IE: Michael Jackson- Wanna be startin’ somethin’-Rihanna “ Don’t stop the music” Borrowing and sampling- composers sometimes combine works together…….copyright January 9, 2012-Chapter 3 Melody Pitch: Sound=vibration Faster=higher Slower=lower Pitch is the relative position, high or low, of musical sound. A low low A is 27 vibrations per second 4186 vibrations per second is a high high A. The purity of the Octave - Duplicating pitch (octave) middle c is 256 vibrations per sec and an octave above that is 512 per second. They almost sound like the same pitch. The vibrations line up so nicely they sound like the same pitch. The western musical scale -duplicating pitch octave Do © and and octave Do
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Difference between men and women is that they sing an octave apart. When men and Women sing they actually are singing an octave apart. The anchor of all scales 7 not western scale 5note pentatonic scale 25note quarter-tone scale Staff- started with only one line, but now there are 5 lines with 4 spaces The “c” clef or bass clef has the little dots to the right. Great staff or Grand staff Accidentals Sharp- Raises written pitch 1/2 step Flat- lowers written pitch ½ step Natural- cancels a sharp or a flat Scales and intervals- Whole step would be like c to d and a hald is E to F Major vs. Minor - Changing from major to minor or minor to major is called a change of mode.
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