Chapter 5 Geography of Jeopardy

Chapter 5 Geography of Jeopardy - It can affect weather...

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Chapter 5: Geography of Jeopardy In this chapter the author talks about people who live in environmentally hazardous places. He talks about how on Earth there are dangers but we also have to worry about space and asteroids. Some examples of people living in environmentally hazardous places are China where they live in river basins and there is flooding but it is so fertile that they just learn to cope with it. Another example is Japan; Tokyo lies near where 3 tectonic plates meet and cause major earthquakes if something happened to Tokyo then the whole world would be affected. Even though the global periphery has more earthquakes the population is much more than the global core. When volcanoes erupt they send a massive black cloud of ash and rock into the sky. They not only destroy the area they erupted in, but their cloud is like a blanket for the places around them.
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Unformatted text preview: It can affect weather which can also have an impact on the whole world. Even though people live in flood plan zones because of the fertile soils and they know it’s going to flood they still lose millions of dollars when it does. And yet human behavior suggest that there is not a growing awareness to deal with it better. Millions of people live by the sea even though sea levels are rising because the world is in a warm period and because of greenhouse gases that make the sea rise even higher. Worse than rising water are hurricanes and tornadoes. Hurricanes are powerful and kill many people. Tornadoes affect a huge portion of America and are very unpredictable. There are some places on Earth that are safer than others but no place on Earth has its own dangers....
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