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The Power of Place: Chapter One Review In this chapter the author talks about how the theories that the world is becoming “flat” are false. He says that the small portion of the world that may becoming flat are the rich elite countries or even just certain parts of a country. He talks about three different groups of people the Globals, the Locals and the Mobals. Globals are the more “flat” people, they are the ones who conquered other countries and enforced there way of living. The author gives the example he witnessed in South Africa during the apartheid. Locals are people who die in the same town they are born in and never travel from it. The usually occupy the same job there parents did. Their way of life is decades behind more advanced countries yet Locals make up around 85 percent of the world. A good example is China where they have a few cities with strong economies but the rest of the country is centuries behind. The
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Unformatted text preview: last group of people the author calls Mobals. Mobals are usually people from poorer countries aka Locals that move to look for a better life. Either they move from the country to the city or try to move to other countries. This causes a lot of illegal immigration a good example is America because they have a lot of opportunities that their neighboring countries don’t have. I think this subject of a flat world is interesting, I’ve never heard the term before but I think it’s kind of silly. I thought how that the mixed ethnicity of Durban made the segregation of apartheid less extreme was interesting. Also I found it interesting how the cities in China are so advanced while the villages are so undeveloped. My one question is who has been talking about this “flat world” theory because for me it makes no sense the world has a lot more balancing out before it can be called flat....
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