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Beginning 173 Polynesian Dance Midterm Study Guide

Beginning 173 Polynesian Dance Midterm Study Guide -...

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Beginning 173 Polynesian Dance Midterm Study Guide Readings from the Packet Know pages: 2 (Map) 11-12 (vocab) 4, 10 (Reading for Hawaii) 13-14 (Foot movements) 15 (Oli “E Ala E” you will need to write it out) spelling doesn’t count! 22-23 (Reading for New Zealand) 24 (Map of New Zealand) know north and south islands o North Island “Ta Ika a Maui”= “Maui’s Fish” (Has capital city) 25 (Vocab for New Zealand) 29 (Tihore-Poi ball dance we learned in class) 28 (Nga Waka-Maori dance we danced/sang for your test) 31 (Know parts of Poi ball construction-Yarn, plastic bags, newspaper) Information from Blackboard: o Know the name of the dance we did for Hawaii: He Mele Inoa No KalaKaua (just
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Unformatted text preview: Kalakaua is ok). o Know the Kaheas (there are 8) for “Kalakaua” (what we yelled out) o Know the footmovements (There are 5) for the dance “Kalakaua” o Know Waitatatatai- means “The counting song” o Know Tititorea- “sticks”-Know 4 stick movements (Box, right, left, across, outside/inside, flip) Misc.: • Know greetings from both Hawaii (“Aloha!”), and New Zealand (“Kiora!”) • Know all 4 numbers for both Hawaii and New Zealand (can be found in packet) o Hawaii: Kahi Lua Kolu Ha o New Zealand: Tahi Rua Toru Wha...
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