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173 Final Study Guide REVIEW

173 Final Study Guide REVIEW - o “po”(cupped hand clap...

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173 Final Study Guide REVIEW Finals will be In-Class Tues Dec. 6 th (for night class) Thurs Dec. 8 th (for Afternoon class) -Know for ALL sections: » Greetings » Numbers (1-4) » Names of Dances we learned - The things that are comprehensive: Names of the Dances we tested on (For Hawaii and New Zealand) o He Mele Inoa No KalaKaua (“Kalakaua” ok)—Hawaii o Nga Waka—New Zealand Numbers (counting to 4) for Hawaii and New Zealand Hawaii 1. Kahi 2. Lua 3. Kolu 4. Ha New Zealand 1. Tahi 2. Rua 3. Toru 4. Wha Greetings for Hawaii and New Zealand o “Aloha”—Hawaii o “Kiaora”—New Zealand -Read in Packet: Tahiti Pg. 35 Pg. 36 (Map) Know Capitals Pg. 37 (Vocab) * ONLINE : o Entrance Ote’a—name hip movements used o Main Ote’a—know sequence of dance Samoa Pg. 43-44 (reading) Pg. 45 (Map) o Know Capitals Western Samoa (Apia) American Samoa (Pago Pago) Pg. 46 (Vocab) o “Siva” (start dance/dance) o “fale” (house)
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o “fa’a samoa” (the samoan way) o “pati” (flat hand clap)
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Unformatted text preview: o “po” (cupped hand clap) Pg. 49 (“Ipupopo” –the dance we did for Samoa) --means “coconut” Know all 7 hand motions 1. Clap 2. Knee 3. Clap 4. Knee 5. Clap 6. Back 7. Clap • Tonga Pg. 52 (Reading) *know when kingdom started Pg. 53 (Map) Know Royal Capital and names of Tongan Groups • Vava’u group • Ha’apai group • Tongatapu group (with nuku’alofa-Royal capital) Pg. 54 (know the first 6 vocab words) Malo’elelei Taha (1) Lua (2) Tolu (3) Fa (Ha) (4) Fakateki (nod of head) Pg. 55 (“Ma ulu’ulu” –the dance we learned for the Tongan section) o “Eulope pea mo melanisia Amelika pea mo polinisia Ke tau tue te fiafia Pui pui waitaka he uila” o Know 4 places friendly to Tonga: Europe, America, Melanesia, Polynesia Pg. 56 (“Soke”—the stick dance) Long Sticks: Stay, R, L Short Sticks: R, L, R...
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