Blue Eyed Film - Typical Statements

Blue Eyed Film - Typical Statements - Typical Statements...

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Typical Statements Put an "X" before those statements that represent your present beliefs or an "O" before those that represent previously held beliefs. 1. ___ Just what do these people want anyway? 2. ___ I don't understand what you people are saying. 3. ___ On the whole, the educated, the upper classes, the emotionally mature, and the deeply religious are much less racist. 4. ___ Other ethnic groups had to struggle. Why is it so different for the Blacks? 5. ___ Angry minorities make me feel so helpless. 6. ___ Racism exists only where minorities exist. Remove the minorities and we won't have these problems. 7. ___ (To a minority) No matter what I say or do, it doesn't suit you. You are never satisfied. As far as you're concerned, I can't do anything right. 8. ___ If you could just get people feeling good about themselves, there would be less racism. 9. ___ I'm not racist, but when it comes right down to it, I wouldn't marry a Black person. 10. ___ I should not be held responsible for the behavior of my ancestors. 11. ___ I'm with them up to the point where they want to break the law or do something illegal. 12. ___ How can I be pro-Black without being anti-White? 13. ___ I am not personally responsible for the policies of racist institutions. 14.
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Blue Eyed Film - Typical Statements - Typical Statements...

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