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Commitment To Combat Racism Indicate whether you have taken action on the items listed below. Check appropriate column. 1. Yes___ No___ : Have I aggressively sought out more information in an effort to enhance my own awareness and understanding of racism (talking with others, reading, listening)? 2. Yes___ No___ : Have I spent some time recently looking at my own racist attitudes and behaviors as they contribute to or combat racism around and within me? 3. Yes___ No___ : Have I reevaluated my use of terms, phrases, or behaviors that may be perceived by others as degrading or hurtful? 4. Yes___ No___ : Have I openly confronted a racist comment, joke, or action among those around me? 5. Yes___ No___ : Have I made personal contact with myself to take a positive stand against racism, even at some possible risk, when the chance occurs? 6. Yes___ No___ : Have I become increasingly aware of racist TV programs, advertising, news broadcasts, holiday observations, slogans, etc.? 7.
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