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Cultural Patterns Continuum(1)

Cultural Patterns Continuum(1) - Identity Attitudes Time...

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Cultural Patterns Continuum Identity & Attitudes Individualist Collectivist Defines self as a separate individual Challenge authority Individual goals and direction Emphasis on “self” respect Defines self as part of a group Common group goals/direction Individual accepts their destiny Emphasis on “fitting in” and saving face Time Consciousness Fixed Fluid Linear and exact time consciousness Value on promptness, i.e. time = money Elastic and relative time consciousness Time spent on relationships Planning Orientation Long-term Short-term Distant, long-range planning & goals Immediate, short-term planning & goals Communication & Language Explicit Implicit Direct communication Emphasis on content – meaning found in words Holds information in the single message or the moment Information is centralized and controlled Indirect communication Emphasis on context – meaning found around words in situation
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  • Cultural Patterns Continuum Individualist Defines, Task Orientation Emphasis, Relationship Orientation Emphasis, time consciousness Time, Individualist Defines self

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