Cultural Pursuit

Cultural Pursuit - generations Knows who Harvey Milk was...

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Cultural Pursuit Directions: Read you pursuit card and put your initials in those boxes which you can answer. Next, find others who know the answers for the boxes that remain. Be prepared to share what you know. Each person may sign only one square on a card. Find someone who…. Has personally experienced tai chi or chi kung Is from a mixed heritage background Can explain the significance of Roe. v. Wade Knows the significance of i Si se puede! Is friends with a person who is a member of an involuntary minority Knows what Rosa Parks did Has an “abuela” Can name the West Coast equivalent of Ellis Island Has traced their family lineage at least four
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Unformatted text preview: generations Knows who Harvey Milk was Listens to ethnic music Knows the significance of eagle feathers Knows why the Irish immigrated to the U.S. in the 1840s Has seen a mariachi band Can name the lawyer who argued for the petitions in Brown v Board of Education Knows what comparable worth means Has seen a step show Knows what a lumpia is Knows what the symbol of a yellow equal sign in a blue square means Knows what Austin 3:16 means Knows what X means Knows what peppering the flag means Is friends with someone or knows a deadhead Knows what Elaine Brown did Knows what hitting the wall means...
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