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Unformatted text preview: Finding A Home in the Zoo How Do You Describe Yourself? Check as many qualities as YOU think apply to you, and then total the number in each quadrant. (L) Total______ Takes Charge Determined Assertive Firm Enterprising Competitive Enjoys Challenge Bold Purposeful Decision Maker Leader Goal Driven Self-Reliant Adventurous (O) Total_______ Takes Risks Visionary Motivator Enjoys Variety Energetic Very Verbal Promoter Creative Avoids details Optimistic Fun-loving Likes Change Group Oriented Mixes Easily (B) Total_____ Deliberate Reserved Practical Factual Detailed Inquisitive Persistent Controlled Predictable Orderly Discerning Analytical Precise Scheduled (GR) Total_______ Loyal Even Keel Avoids Conflict Enjoys Routine Dislikes Change Good Listener Nurturing Non-demanding Tolerant Patient Adaptable Thoughtful Sympathetic Has Deep Relationships Lions, Beavers, Otters, and Golden Retrievers: What does it mean? The four letters in each quadrant represent the four basic personality types, which are being represented by animals: lions, beavers, otters, and golden retrievers. We all have elements of all of these types but some traits will be more noticeable than others. Scoring high on the L line are those we call LIONS. Lions are take-charge leaders. They're usually the bosses at work, or at least they think they are. They're decisive bottom line folks who are doers, not watchers or listeners. They love to solve problems. Unfortunately, however, if lions don't learn to use effective interpersonal skills (empathy, listening to feelings, using "I" language instead of "You" language) their natural hard side attitude can cause problems with other people. Scoring high on the B line are the BEAVERS. Beavers have a strong need to do things "right" and "by the book." In fact, they're the kind who actually read instruction manuals. They like maps, charts, and organization. They're great at providing quality control for a home or office. Because rules, consistency, and high standards are so important to beavers, they often have problems communicating with people just like lions. Beavers must learn to balance people with process by adding the skills and abilities necessary to communicate on an appropriate interpersonal level in a way that's felt and clearly understood by others. Scoring high on the O line are the OTTERS. Otters are excitable, fun-seeking, energetic types who love to talk and are good at it. They're great at motivating others and need to be in an environment where they can contribute verbally and have a vote on major issues. Otters' outgoing nature makes them great networkers--they usually know people who know people who know people. Unfortunately, they don't always know everyone's name. They can be very empathetic and encouraging with others (unless under pressure, when they tend to use their verbal skills to attack). But because of their strong desire to be liked, they can often fail to be appropriately hard on problems and can cause further ones. Scoring high on the GR line are the GOLDEN RETRIEVERS. These people are just like their counterparts in nature. If you could pick just one word to describe them, it would be loyalty. They're so loyal that they can put up with emotional pain and verbal conflict in relationships--and still stay committed. Golden retrievers are great listeners, empathetic, and warm encouragers--all strong interpersonal skills. But they tend to be such pleasers that they can have great difficulty in adding rigorous, analytical, task-orientation when it's needed. ...
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