Individual Diversity-Values exercise

Individual Diversity-Values exercise - Individual Diversity...

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Individual Diversity The Relevance of Personal Values * *Adapted from Maali H. Ashamalla – Indiana University of Pennsylvania Goals To develop student awareness of personal values as a dimension of diversity. To understand that no two people have 100 percent agreement on what they value. To identify and clarify our own values To appreciate other people’s values. To explore how to deal effectively with individual value differences in work groups and organizations. Part I: Clarifying my own values 1. Read the following list of fifteen values, both their labels and their definitions. 2. Rank these values from “1” (highest value) to “15” (lowest value) in terms of how important each item is to you. Start with your number 1 value first and your number 15 value next. Then rank the rest of the items, working from the top (next highest) to bottom (next lowest) of your list towards the middle. Record your rankings of each value in the space provided to the left of each item. I value… _____ Learning: To develop knowledge, skills, and abilities through inquiry, study, or experience. To search for information and truth. To apply enlightenment and wisdom in the conduct of my profession and life situations. _____ Achievement: To succeed relative to some standard of excellence or in competitive situations. To accomplish a challenging task or goal. To experience self-satisfaction when I
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Individual Diversity-Values exercise - Individual Diversity...

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