Individualistic & Collectivistic Activity

Individualistic & Collectivistic Activity -...

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Assessing Your Individualistic and Collectivistic Tendencies The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you assess your individualistic and collectivistic tendencies. Respond by indicating the degree to which the values reflected in each phrase are important to you on the following scale: 1 = Opposed to my Values 2 = Not important to Me 3 = Somewhat important to Me 4 = Very important to Me 5 = Extremely important to Me _____ 1. Obtaining pleasure or sensuous gratification. _____ 2. Preserving the welfare of others. _____ 3. Being successful by demonstrating my individual competency. _____ 4. Restraining my behavior if it is going to harm others. _____ 5. Being independent in thought and action. _____ 6. Having safety and stability of people with whom I identify. _____ 7. Obtaining status and prestige. _____ 8. Having harmony in my relations with others. _____ 9. Having an exciting and challenging life. _____ 10. Accepting cultural and religious traditions.
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Individualistic & Collectivistic Activity -...

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