Is this sexual harassment

Is this sexual harassment - Is This Sexual Harassment Carol...

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Unformatted text preview: Is This Sexual Harassment? Carol P. Harvey Assumption C allege INSTRUCTIONS Given the legal guidelines in the following Points of Law box, which of the following incidents are examples of sexual harassment?I Explain your reasons for your answers. 1. While teaching Gary how to run the new spreadsheet program on the computer, Lois. his supervisor. puts her hand on his shoulder. Julie, the new secretary to the vice president of manufacturing, frequently has to go out into the plant as part of her job. Several of the machinists have been whistling at her and shouting off-color remarks as she passes through the shop. One of the other women in the company found Julie crying in the ladies’ room after such an incident. Paul and Cynthia. two sales reps. are both married. However. it is well known that they are dating each other outside of the office. . Jeanne‘s boss. Tom. frequently asks her out for drinks after work. She goes because both are single and she enjoys his company. On one of these occasions, he asks her out to dinner for the following Saturday evening. Steve‘s boss. Cathy. frequently makes suggestive comments to him and has even suggested that they meet outside of the office. Although at first he ignored these I145. Is This Sexual Harassment? 147 I remarks. recently he made it clear to her that he had a steady girlfriend and was not available. When she gave him his performance appraisal. much to his surprise. she cited him for not being a team player. 6. Jackie received a call at work that her father died suddenly. When she went to tell her boss that she had to leave. she burst into tears. He put his arms around her and let her cry on his shoulder. 7. Marge's coworker. Jerry. frequently tells her that what she is wearing is very attractive. 8. While being hired as a secretary. Amanda is told that she may occasionally be expected to accompany managers on important overnight business trips to han— dle the clerical duties at these meetings. 9. Joe. an elderly maintenance man. often makes suggestive comments to the young females in the office. His behavior has been reported to his supervisor several times. but it is dismissed as.“Don‘t be so sensitive. old Joe doesn‘t mean any harm." 10. Jennifer frequently wears revealing blouses to the office. Several times she has caught male employees staring at her. fl! Points of Law The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission‘s Guidelines defines sexual harassment as . . . Unweleome sexual advances. requests for sexual favors. and other physical and verbal contact of a sexual nature when it affects the terms of employment under one or more of the following conditions: such an activity is a condition for employment: such an activity is a condition of employment conse- quences such as promotion. dismissal. or salary increases: such an activity creates a hostile working environment. ...
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Is this sexual harassment - Is This Sexual Harassment Carol...

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