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Unformatted text preview: BUS 330 – Managing Diversity in the Workplace Model Organization Assignment Parameters Objectives: • To learn more about a target organization’s culture, perhaps the one you work in or one you’re thinking about joining, and to place it into a frame of reference for understanding how well they manage diversity. • To improve critical thinking skills by developing and applying criteria to the evaluation of an organization’s diversity initiatives. • To provide an opportunity to compare and assess the relative levels of commitment that organizations make in terms of implementing and managing diversity programs. Step 1 – Establish your “criteria” for managing diversity in an organization. In other words, how will you measure your target organization ’ s success or failure in managing diversity? What does “success” or “failure” look like? What data will you need to collect and analyze in order to assess whether your target organization met your criteria? NOTE: You may review the sample project, but EACH group MUST write their own criteria to reflect the industry in which your organization operates. Step 2 – Identify the target organization you are interested in researching and that will agree to work with you. This may take some time to negotiate and get agreement from an organization, so plan accordingly. Some organizations are hesitant to take some time to negotiate and get agreement from an organization, so plan accordingly....
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