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acct 403 chapter 8 excel case db3

acct 403 chapter 8 excel case db3 - if the same is true...

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RE: Chapter 8 Excel Case 2) Europe and Latin America have the highest profit margin. I would advise Coca-Cola Corporation to expand in these international continents. I would have to review both countries in order to determine if there would be room to expand. Going by the numbers, I would try to expand in Latin America because it of its percentage of net revenues. Reviewing the years 2006, 2007, and 2008 and comparing the revenue growth between Latin America and Europe. Latin America has the best revenue growth over these years. It is puzzling that Pacific countries have the highest profit, but the lowest revenue growth. I would have to investigate and research in country to understand why this is happening. If the research turns out that this is normal for Pacific country, I would look into expanding in this country. The high revenue is a great incentive. It is strange that Eurasia and Africa has high profits, but the revenues are low as well. This would warrant more research as well to determine
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Unformatted text preview: if the same is true with these countries as with Pacific. It might be worth expanding in these countries since the revenues profits are good. 3) There needs to be a great deal of information to be obtained. First, a survey will need to obtain demographics of the population in addition to income and household information. Research will be needed in order to identify how Coca-Cola Company will be able to transport their products to these countries. If transport is not developed and readily available, then it would be more expensive to get the products to the stores for the customers. There needs to be information about the culture to determine how the culture will be towards Coca-Cola’s products. Would Coca-Cola be able to obtain materials needed for manufacturing in country or would it have to import its materials as well. This might add costs and lower profits. Reference Hoyle, J. B., Schaefer, T. F., & Doupnik, T. S. (2011). Advance Accounting 10ED. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin....
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