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busi 400 gal 5

busi 400 gal 5 - Assurance of Learning Exercise 7C p 249...

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Assurance of Learning Exercise 7C p. 249 For your college or university, give examples of each term: language and values Ceremonial: Several rites connected together (David, 2011. P. 97). Liberty University has branched out to help improve the colligate experience by offering Liberty online. This has made it possible for so many to attend a wonderful Christian University and still have his or her work schedule not compromised. On April 19, 2010, Paul Mclinden celebrated that the University has reached it 50,000 student milestone for online. This is a milestone that is a vision for Liberty to meet. It is also comforting to know that Liberty University Online endowment’s to be able to award $100 million in scholarships. In addition, it is the largest non-profit online school. Liberty is a light towards God that can be shared all over the world. On May 16, 2011, the Class of 2011 walked across the Williams Stadium. The stadium was recently renovated and was used for the “main ceremony” of the graduation (Liberty University, 2012). This graduation included all states and our international students abroad. It was amazing that out of the “10,930” students graduating that about 7,286 were online students (Liberty University. 2012). The “Liberty University Wind Ensemble and Liberty University Commencement Chorus, followed by the Liberty University Chamber Singers” performed for the ceremony (Liberty University. 2012). Jerry Falwell, Jr. gave his speech to the graduating students. Dr. Elmer Towns and Dr. Vernon Brewer spoke at the ceremony. Randall Wallace spoke to the graduating class. His speaking at the graduating class hopefully will spark the
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