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RE: Strategies Being Pursued by McDonald’s in 2010 McDonald’s (MCD) is a well know fast food restaurant around the world. McDonald’s has franchises in 118 countries. With McDonald’s being in some many different countries, it had to come up with different strategies based on the culture and disposable income. McDonald’s has been able to offer its value menu in an attempt to keep its customers that may not be able to always afford to eat at its restaurants. Every country that McDonald’s opens up in is extremely successful. This is due to the fact it adapts to the culture that it is doing business in. It has done its research of the culture and what foods the people want. It does a good job of getting it raw products at good prices to keep the value meal menu a value. It is this that has made it so successful and being the most recognizable symbol of its golden arches.
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Unformatted text preview: McDonalds has added many different foods to appeal to all individuals as possible. It has got involved in promoting healthy eating by offering grilled chicken, apple slices, and so on. It has even started carrying milk, sports drinks, and other healthy drinks. It also offers many different arrays of salads. It has changed the way it frys food now. It offers information posters in the restaurant about the calories that are in all of these foods that are offered on its menu. It has also launched a new coffee bar with many choices. It offers these specialty coffees are lower prices than its competitors do. It offers toys in it kids meals. These toys are made to be collectable. It targets children with what is popular to the children. It advertises these toys on television and children see them and want to go to McDonalds....
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