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RE: Chapter 1: Questions 20, 21 and 24 20) Explain why the strategic management class is often called a “capstone course.” The term “capstone course” is referring in academia a course that will combine all of business courses necessary for a major and apply it. David states that a strategic management class is an “integrates material from all business courses” explaining what a capstone course is . It is important that students have a chance to take a course that does integrate all of the business practices. This enables students to work as if one is working in the real world. “The capstone course expectations are a display of a mastery of learning and the ability to apply it to new, unusual and integrated project requirements” . Moore also states that a capstone course is “a summative evaluation of the students’ experience in the university curriculum” . 21) What aspect of strategy formulation do you think requires the most time? Why? There are many aspects of strategy formulation that require a lot of time. In my opinion,
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