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Ans wers Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 APA 10 What does SMART stand for? 10 What are the 8 Multiple Intelligences? 10 What are 3 reviewing services available through the CWE? 10 What are nonverbal and verbal? 10 What is typically only required for publication? 20 What are time-related needs and preferences? 20 Who is Howard Gardner? 20 Why are Learning Teams valuable? 20 What to consider when speaking up? 20 What are the margins? 30 What are reasons to procrastinate? 30 What are the 4 different personality types? 30 What are 3 databases included in the library?
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Unformatted text preview: 30 What are effective steps to resolving conflict? 30 What is the preferred font style? 40 What are time-saving techniques? 40 What is effective communication? 40 What are 3 items found in the Toolkit Essentials? 40 What are getting started, first draft, revise 40 What should not have a heading? 50 What are symptoms of stress? 50 What are strategies for effective communication? 50 What are 3 forms of misconduct? 50 What are audience, organization, visuals, and practice? 50 What is common knowledge?...
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