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P RESENTATION F EEDBACK Name Topic Date ___________________ Content Topic is informative, reflecting the UOP philosophy/goals. Content is comprehensive and accurate. Key points are previewed and clear. Ideas shared are practical and relevant for audience. Sources are acknowledged (References noted). Preparation and cooperation are apparent. Organization The presentation is well organized, developed, and unified. An introduction, designed to gain the audience’s attention, explains the purpose of the presentation. The presentation is integrated rather than disjointed as a series of individual mini-presentations. The body of the presentation reveals an understanding of the basic concepts and their practical application in the classroom. The conclusion re-emphasizes the important points of
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Unformatted text preview: the presentation. Appearance, Style, & Presentation • Appearance is appropriate for the setting. • Non-verbal cues/gestures enhance the presentation and flow. • Time is utilized well. Use of PowerPoint, Other Visual Aids, or Handouts • PowerPoint format and content are appropriate for the audience. • PowerPoint slide format is easy to see and read. • The text is free of grammatical and mechanical errors. • The slide presentation and any other visual aids or handouts enhance the purpose of the presentation and aid delivery. Audience Participation • The presenter involves the audience and solicits feedback. • Questions from the audience are effectively addressed and satisfactorily answered. Comments / Total points _____________ Revised March 2001...
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