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Unformatted text preview: Foundations for General Education & Professional Success Professional GEN 200 Week One Tonight’s Agenda Tonight’s Introductions Syllabus Course Expectations OLS Academic Success Goal Setting Time Management Introductions Introductions Around the Room A little more about me … A little more about each of you … Syllabus & Course Expectations Course Go through syllabus Questions? Quizzes OLS OLS Review each tab Questions??? Goal Setting Goal How do we set and achieve goals? – Long­term Goals – Short­term Goals – Prioritize – Steps to achievement Draft Goal _________________________________________________ Specific •What is the desired result? (who, what, when, why, how) Measurable •How can you quantify (numerically or descriptively) completion? •How can you measure progress? Achievable •What skills are needed? •What resources are necessary? •How does the environment impact goal achievement? •Does the goal require the right amount of effort? Relevant •Is the goal in alignment with the overall mission or strategy? Time-bound •What is the deadline? •Is the deadline realistic? Final Goal _________________________________________________ Time Management Time Identify Time­Related Needs & Preferences Build a Schedule Use Time­Saving Techniques Fight Procrastination Be Flexible Managing Stress Managing What causes stress? Tips for managing it Educational Goals Educational Building skills Building will & self­awareness Reasons for returning to school Motivation to finish school Team Time Team Learning Team Charters Why charters are important Examples Wrap-up & Review Wrap-up Questions? Comments? Concerns? Next week … Ticket Out the Door Ticket To reflect and review, please answer the following questions: What was most helpful tonight? What would you like more information on? Good night! Good night! Drive safely! See you next week! Thank you! ...
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