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BCOM/275 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS AND CRITICAL THINKING COURSE DESCRIPTION This course introduces students to the foundations of communication in a business setting. Students will develop skills in critical thinking and decision making through the forms of written communication, including memos, emails, business letters, and reports. Other topics include communication ethics and cross-cultural communications, personal communication styles, solving organizational problems, and the evaluation of an organizations strategic direction. TOPICS AND OBJECTIVES THE COMMUNICATION PROCESS Explain the steps in the communication process. Describe the roles of listening and responding in the communication process.
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Unformatted text preview: CRITICAL THINKING APPLIED TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION • Analyze the validity, credibility, and reliability of data. • Evaluate arguments for validity. CREATING COMMUNICATION • Analyze the needs and receptivity of the audience. • Determine appropriate channels for communication. • Create effective messages. PERSUASIVE COMMUNICATION • Develop persuasive communication using effective language. • Develop valid arguments. ETHICS AND DIVERSITY IN BUSINESS COMMUNICATION • Evaluate communications for potential cultural diversity issues. • Evaluate communications for ethical, moral, and legal soundness....
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