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CHAPTER 3 - membrane a whole mess of gates doors openings...

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Corpus Collasum -- a highway, massive million fiber bundle that connects both hemisphere NEURON Cell Body: contains nucleus, organelles and is involved in metabolic functions Dendrite: portion of the neuron that receives and conducts the signal to the cell body and axon Axon: portion of the neuron that conducts electrical signals along its length Synapse : space between an axon and dendrite where the axon communicates with dendrite Axon membrane: chain that surrounds everything all stuff outside outside, inside the
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Unformatted text preview: membrane a whole mess of gates, doors openings that are usually close Sodium outside, potassium inside (negative) If enough positive signals come in then the axon helix the sodium channels are electrically activated and when enough positive charges it pops open, when it pops open, sodium rushes in, brings all positive charges in with it Go from electrical to chemical change...
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