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IE 1040 Engineering Economic Analysis Fall Term, 2011 (2121) Homework #6 – Chapter 7 T/TH Section Monday Section Assigned: 10/6/11 10/11/11 Due: TBD TBD Total Points: 70 points All of these problems are from Chapter 7 and are worth 10 points each. Please note the instructions on how to solve. For those problems with no instructions, your choice!
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Unformatted text preview: 13 Solve by hand (trial and error, approximation) 21 Use Excel to solve for the IRR 37 53 Solve by hand and verify using Excel 73 Solve by hand and verify using Excel 77 Problem from Appendix 7A (also 10 points) 7A-17 Solve by hand and verify using MIRR function in Excel. Note you should use 6% for the financing rate and 12% for the investing rate....
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