Guide to Exercise No90 - Guide to Exercise No 90 Topic...

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Guide to Exercise No. 90 Topic: POLARISATION OF THE LIGHT WAVE. MALUS LAW. I. The sequence of measurements: 1. Assemble the measuring system according to the scheme: Symbols: ZL - Laser Power ZK - AC collimator P1, P2 - Polaroids F - photometer M - laser power meter or voltometer L, K - laser or light beam collimator 2. Carry out the measurements of transmission of the system consisting of a polarizer and a analyzer, depending on the angle formed by the plane of polarization, using a light from the incandescent lamp (bulb) followed by a collimator, and the laser (note the laser beam!). 3. Set the polarizer and the analyzer transmission directions so that the meter indication value M was the maximum. 4. Perform measurements of voltage dependence (or the current intensity) from the rotation angle of the analyzer relative to the polarizer. Turn the cover of the polaroid and write down every 10 (range: 0 360 ) indication of the meter M. Make at min. 3 sets of measurements with a laser, and 3 sets of measurements using incandescent lamps. Warning! Avoid direct,
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Guide to Exercise No90 - Guide to Exercise No 90 Topic...

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