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Chapter 14 Assignment 14-2 Yes, standard costs can be used either in job order costing where the cost of specific jobs put through a factory is ascertained, or process costing where the cost of production in one or more manufacturing departments for a given period of time is determined. a standard cost system applied to either job order or process costing will bring the added advantage of cost analysis hitherto unavailable. 14-6 Primary reasons why actual direct materials cost for a given period would be different
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Unformatted text preview: from direct materials cost contained in the master static budget?-operations consumed a significantly different amount of direct materials.-Efforts of production personnel-substitutions of materials-Production factors-variation in the quality of direct materials-inadequate training or inexperienced employees-poor supervision-other factors 14-9 Why does management need to separate direct labor variances into rate & efficiency components? Rate variance is the difference between...
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