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Chapter 1: Excel Tutorial (Drawing Flowcharts and Organizational Charts) After completing the tutorial, you will be able to draw your own flowcharts and organizational charts in Excel. This feature in Excel is helpful for management to effectively see different paths of information. ABC Corporation’s upper level management consists of a Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Vice President for Marketing, Vice President for Operations, Cost Manager, Controller and a Treasurer. Using Excel’s draw feature, organize the upper level management into a flow chart of job responsibilities.
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Unformatted text preview: Drawing a Organization Chart – the following steps can be used draw an organization chart. 1) The illustration feature is located in the Insert Ribbon. 2) Once found, click on the “Shapes” button. 3) Using the rectangle function button, create boxes to illustrate the various job titles 4) To enter the associated text, right-click on the open area of the rectangle, and select edit Text. 5) Using the arrow button, connect the boxes to form the flow chart...
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