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Chapter 11: Excel Tutorial (Using SumProduct and SumIF Functions) After completing the tutorial, you will be able to use the SumProduct and SumIF functions within Excel. These functions are combinations of two different functions within one. The SumProduct function allows you to multiple corresponding rows/columns, and returns the sum of the products. Using SumProduct Function – the following steps can be used to setup a SumProduct function. 1. Open the Excel workbook labeled “Template.” 2. You will enter the SumProduct function in cell F13. When you type in =SUMPRODUCT( Excel asks you for the arrays you would like to use. Here we are going to use the # of Units column and the Price column. You should enter the arrays as shown below. Your answers will not change if you enter one column before the other. 3. You can double check your answer by summing the Total Price column. You will see that your total should be $3,380. Using SumIF Function –
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Chapter_11_SumProduct_SumIF_Tutorial - Chapter 11: Excel...

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