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Chapter_13_7R_RoundUP_Tutorial - Chapter 13(Chapter 7...

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Chapter 13 ( Chapter 7 Revisited) : Excel Tutorial (Using the RoundUp Function) After completing the tutorial, you will be able to create use the RoundUp function in Excel. This function gives you the ability to change the way Excel “rounds” numbers. RoundUp Function– We will be using the data provided in the Self-Study Problem. You will need to open the Excel sheet that you used to create the macro in Chapter 7. If you did not complete Chapter 7 open the template for Chapter 13. 1. Go to the worksheet labeled Break-Even Analysis (which you created in Chapter 7’s Tutorial). 2. In performing calculations, Excel uses fractional numbers when generating results. For example, the actual value in a cell could be 526.59; unless rounded up (or down) this fractional number would be used in any subsequent calculations based on this cell. This decimal may significantly skew answers in later calculations. For example, when performing breakeven calculations, you would normally want to round your answer up to the next whole number, because partial-unit production may not be allowed (or make
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