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Chapter 14: Excel Tutorial (Using CountIF and SumIF Functions) After completing the tutorial, you will be able to CountIF and SumIF functions within Excel. These functions are combinations of two different functions within one. The CountIF function allows you count the number of transactions that occur with a certain criteria similarity. SumIF allows you to add a certain range of transactions based on a certain criteria. Combining these two powerful functions, you can analysis data within a spreadsheet. Below we will look at a sales log for one month. We will then go through manipulating the data using these two functions. Using CountIF Function – the following steps can be used to setup a CountIF function and SumIF function analysis. The following the steps below are detailed steps for the CountIF function in conjunction with the SumIF function: 1. Open the workbook labeled “Template.” 2. We will use the data above to analysis January’s sales. We will start by looking at the sales made by each sales person. To start create the table shown below:
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Chapter_14_COUNTIF_Tutorial - Chapter 14: Excel Tutorial...

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