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Chapter_15_4R_IF_Formatting_Tutorial - Chapter 15(Chapter 4...

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Chapter 15 (Chapter 4 Revisited): Excel Tutorial (Dragging Formulas and the IF Function) After completing the tutorial, you will be able to drag formulas from one cell to another. You will also learn how to use the IF Function. This function is one of the most used functions in Excel. Dragging Formulas and the IF Function – the following steps will help you to drag formulas and to use the IF Function. To do these exercises please refer to chapter 4, Self- Study Problem part3. 1. An easy way of copying formulas is by dragging a cell. To drag a cell, click the bottom right hand corner and either drag down the row or across a column. For example, in E11, the formula included is =B2-D11. By dragging it to E15, this formula will be copied into the respective cells. By dragging this formula downward, the formula in the cell below will change to =B3-D12, and will continue to increase. 2. To prohibit the formula to change during the dragging process, lock the
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