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Chapter 16: Excel Tutorial (Using Conditional Formatting) After completing the tutorial, you will be able to use conditional formatting in Excel. This tutorial will use conditional formatting to evaluate a company’s position compared to its competition. D&B and RMA reports give the user information pertaining a specific industry code. The common industry reference is the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code. Once you find the four-digit code, you will be able to review the benchmarks for that industry. Conditional Formatting— the following steps can be used to setup a conditional format. The conditional format option within Excel allows you to visually see where a single number stands within the range of acceptable numbers. After this example you will be able to setup a conditional format. The steps below will help you to set it up. 1. Open the workbook labeled “Template.” 2. The D&B industry numbers for SIC 58 (Eating, Drinking Places) for 2005 have already been entered into the spreadsheet. 3.
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Chapter_16_Conditional_Formatting_Tutorial - Chapter 16...

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