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Chapter 17: Excel Tutorial (Building Custom Functions within VBA) After completing the tutorial, you will be able to create custom functions that can be used within Excel. This process takes place within Visual Basic. This is the application that works behind the scenes of Word, Excel, and Access etc. The advantage of creating a function that is in VBA is that the user doesn’t have to worry about maintaining a formula within a cell. The user will only have to create this function once, and can use it repeatedly. This tutorial will show you how to create a Taguchi Quality Loss Function within VBA, and use it within Excel. Creating a Chart – the following steps can be used to create a custom function. You can create any number of different functions by following the steps below: 1. Open a new workbook within Excel. 2. Go to the “Developer” tab on the ribbon. (If not shown go to Excel Options, under Popular tab select “Show developer tab in the ribbon”) 3. Select Macro Security
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Chapter_17_Custom_Functions_Tutorial - Chapter 17: Excel...

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