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Chapter 19: Excel Tutorial (Using Database Functions) After completing the tutorial, you will be able to database functions within Excel. These functions are used to sort data. These functions are known as Dfunctions . These functions include DAVERAGE, DCOUNT, DCOUNTA, DGET, DMAX, DMIN, DPRODUCT, DSTDEV, DSTDEVP, DSUM, DVAR, and DVARP. These functions allow you to specify certain criteria within a dataset, and manipulate the data. Within this tutorial, we will use the DSUM, DAVERAGE, and DCOUNT formulas. Please refer back to the data set created in chapter 4. Using Database Functions – the following steps can be used to filter and manipulate data. You can use any number of different Dfunctions by altering the steps below. The following the steps below are detailed steps for the DSUM, DAVERAGE, and DCOUNT: 1. Open the workbook labeled “Template.” 2. Now let us find out the total amount of purchased for Material X. With a small database like this one, it would be easy to hold down Ctrl and select every value associated with Material X. What would you do
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