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Keyboard_Shortcuts - Ctrl Shift Arrows Highlights all cells...

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel Shortcuts Purpose Ctrl+1 Opens cell formatting Ctrl+9 Hide Row Ctrl+Shift+9 Unhide Row Ctrl+0 Hide Column Ctrl+Shift+0 Unhide Column Ctrl+` Toggle between formula view and normal view Ctrl+A Select entire worksheet Ctrl+B To Bold the cell Ctrl+C Copy Ctrl+I To italicize the cell Ctrl+K Insert a hyperlink Crtl+N New document Crtl+O Open document Ctrl+P Print Ctrl+S Save Ctrl+T Insert a table Ctrl+U To underline the cell Ctrl+V Paste Ctrl+X Cut Ctrl+Z Undo Ctrl+Alt+Tab Increase Indent Ctrl+Alt+Print Screen Take a picture of current screen that can be pasted into other programs Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Tab Decrease Indent Ctrl+Arrows Navigate through blocks of data Crtl+Enter Paste one formula within selected cells Crtl+Mouse Wheel Ctrl+Page Down Moves to next worksheet Ctrl+Page Up Moves to previous worksheet
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Unformatted text preview: Ctrl+Shift+Arrows Highlights all cells before next empty cell Ctrl+Shift+7 Automatic border Ctrl+Shift+_ Gets rid of border Ctrl+Spacebar Select entire column Ctrl+Tab Cycle through open Excel workbooks Shift+Arrows Select multiple cells Shift+Enter Opposite of Enter Shift+F2 Insert New Comment Shift+Spacebar Select entire row Shift+Tab Opposite of Tab F2 Edit text within a cell F4 Locks cells referenced within a formula F7 Spell Check F9 Calculate Now F11 Quick chart F12 Save as Alt Use File, Edit, View… Alt+Tab Circulates through open programs Alt+F8 Macros screen Hold down Alt In Excel 2007, to access shortcut letter commands on ribbon Alt, Letter Underlined letter within toolbar menus to execute this option...
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