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Exam 3 Review Chapter 23, 24, 25 Chapter 23 - Enol formation (acid and base conditions) (MECHANISM) - Enolate formation (use LDA) (MECHANISM) - Alkylation of the α -carbon (using LDA) (MECHANISM) - Acidity of the α -carbon - α -halogenation o Haloform reaction (MECHANISM) o Acid conditions to stop after one halogenations (MECHANISM) - Malonic ester synthesis (MECHANISM) - Acetoacetic ester synthesis (MECHANISM)
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 24 Aldol reaction (condensation) (MECHANISM) o self and crossed aldol o cyclization (4 vs 6 membered ring, etc)-Claisen condensation (MECHANISM) o self and crossed Claisen-Diekmann cyclization (MECHANISM)-Conjugate (Michael) addition (MECHANISM)-Robinson Annulation (MECHANISM) o Michael followed by aldol Chapter 25-Naming amines-Basicity of amines...
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