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Genetics Exam 3_key - BioSc 231 General Genetics Exam 3...

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BioSc 231 General Genetics Exam 3 Name __________________________________ Multiple Choice. (2 points each) __C __ Recombination frequencies ___ A. are the same for all genes. B. arise from specific genetic exchange. C. are the same for cis and trans heterozygotes. D. decrease with distance. __ B __ A plant of genotype C/C;d/d is crossed to c/c;D/D and an F1 testcrossed to c/c;d/d. If the genes are linked and 40 map units apart, the percentage of c/c;d/d recombinants will be A. 10% B. 20% C. 30% D. 40% E. 50% __ C __ The maximum recombination frequency between two genes is A. 100% B. 80% C. 50% D. 10% E. 1% __ B __ In Drosophila, the two genes w and sn are X-linked and 25 map units apart. A female fly of genotype w + sn + / w sn is crossed to a male from a wild-type line. What percentage of male progeny will be w + sn ? A. 0 B. 12.5% C. 25% D. 37.5% E. 50% __ C __ The maize genes sh and bz are linked, 40 map units apart. If a plant sh + bz / sh bz + is selfed, what proportion of the progeny will be sh bz / sh bz ? A. 0.04 B. 0.10 C. 0.20 D. 0.40 __ A __ In maize, two plants that are both heterozygous for the recessive alleles a and b are crossed. What frequency of double- mutant progeny will appear if a and b are 7.2 map units apart and both parents carry a and b in trans? A. 0.036 B. 0.0625 C. 0.001296 D. 0.005184 E. 0.072 __ D __ In crossing over A. Genetic exchange occurs before chromosome replication B. The probability of its occurrence decreases with increasing distance between the genes exchanged C. Occurs between two loci very close together D. The reciprocal exchange between homologous chromosomes is random
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__ A __ The F , G and H loci are linked in the order written. There are 30 map units between F and G , and 30 map units between G and H . If a plant F G h / f g H is testcrossed, what proportion of the progeny plants will be f g h / f g h if there is complete interference? A. 0.15
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Genetics Exam 3_key - BioSc 231 General Genetics Exam 3...

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