Analysis of Business Specialties

Analysis of Business Specialties - Analysis of Business...

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Analysis of Business Specialties Brian Groves, Jacqueline Johnson, Lynette Mckoy University Of Phoenix Gen/480 February 27, 2012 Dr. Kimberly Welsh Abstract As discussed in week two consulting scenario, team D must have both the knowledge, mindset, and skill set in all the areas that the team will want to cover and focus on for a team consulting firm. After reviewing the team members skill set last week all the members of the team have decided to pursue the second option, which was to develop an information technology consulting firm. As mentioned from the team skill set of strategic thinking/judgment, negotiator, problem
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department stores operating system, which will be the task that this organization will cover. The skills mentioned earlier will help the team stay successful and will help the consulting firm reach new clientele for the future. With our skill sets and mindset, we will be able to maintain a steady work flow and will complete jobs as they come. Analysis of Business Specialties Intro This paper will describe the consulting firm that was chosen by team D and address several issues or problems that the consulting firm may encounter. It will also give a description of the services that will be offered by Business Process Management consulting firm. Finally, the paper will explain the why the consulting firm is well suited to the skills of the team D’s members. The team members agreed on the name Business Process Management. This particular name was chosen because it was inclusive of all the team members’ and their skills and ideas. Because most of the team members are written and verbal communication skills; we possess
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Analysis of Business Specialties - Analysis of Business...

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