cedibility analysis

cedibility analysis - compares the different perspectives...

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Andrew Trice English 101-58 Lavia Credibility Analysis 1-25-08 Euthanasia Honorable death, mercy killing, and physician assisted suicide are just some of the many names that describe what is known as euthanasia. This is a topic that is loaded with controversy and has given rise to a great deal of debate. Euthanasia is a topic that many different communities in society are extremely adamant about whether they are for or against the deliberate intervention of one’s life. By considering the back ground of the author as well as their writing it is apparent that Dion Symth’s journal, The euthanasia debate: religious aspects is more creditable than Thomas Shirrmacher’s Medical Killing- An Evangelical Perspective. In the academic journal “International Journal of Palliative Nursing” Dion Symth goes into a great deal of depth about the different religious aspects euthanasia. In the journal Symth
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Unformatted text preview: compares the different perspectives of the religions. The main reason I feel that Symth’s article is more creditable is because of the way the article is written. The journal is very well organized and is presented in a sophisticated manner. There were no ads or off topic pictures or writing in the journal which gave the impression that it was professional and official. Another reason I found Symth’s article to be more creditable was in his writing. The information he presented appears to be very well researched, all of his facts and examples were properly quoted and came from good sources. The one thing that really impressed me was how he chose he words and the way he talked about the information. He didn’t come across to be very bias towards one religion nor did he condescend any of the religions....
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cedibility analysis - compares the different perspectives...

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