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Unformatted text preview: 1II'I."eII:'.I:In1e to the University of Phoenix - Windows Internet Explorer provided by Yahoo! '63 a v _ https: ,I'I'asap. phoenix. eduI'studentI'feedlaack. a LI 1—. E E] i! 'I’ahoo! [.IHIJDM 1' F Search File Edit 'II'iew Favorites Tools Help X EDI-13k ml: Search" X DI WSGI'EpNDOl-fl' rflilHorne qfifitudio fiEZ Create 'fi'Favorites fiwelcume to the University of Phoenix I fl * . I21 % r Page: Eaten” Too + More >> S Topic: valuation: The process by which a stimulus increases the probability that a preceding behavior will be repeated is called Answer: reinforcement Key Terms: Reinforcement process Topic: QLEtl-Dn: Latent learning occurs without Answer: reinforcement Key Terms: Latent learning Topic: valuation: The maintenance of material saved in memory is called Answer: sto rag e Key Terms: Eto rag e Topic: valuation: Wl'lllE you are taking a test in school. you are likely using which ofthefollowing memorytaslcs to answer the questions? Answer: recall IEe‘yTerms: Recall Topic: QLEtl-Dn: Inl:Iorn patterns ofbehayior that are biologicallydetermined rather than learned are called lm- incfinrt-I: Done I a Internet a! 5:3” 4 Internet E::-::plorer ...
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