theroy testing - to fold them. This bothered me so much...

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One day while I was sitting at home watching a TV show, the husband was asked by his wife if he could help her fold the laundry. Even though he did not want to do it he said yes anyway, but with the intention of getting out of doing any actual work. He knew that if he said he did not want to help that it would start an dispute, so instead he pretended to not know what he was doing. This caused his wife to take the laundry he was folding away, which got him off the hook without any arguments. At that same moment I asked my brother to help fold the laundry I had just washed. Just like the husband on TV he did not what to either, but he did not want to start a dispute. I’m starting to wonder if the same action would work on me, but of course he would have to do something a little different, people are smarter than people on a TV show. Instead of just pretending he did not know what he was doing, he laid the clean towels on the floor
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Unformatted text preview: to fold them. This bothered me so much that I grabbed all the towels put them back into the basket and took them into the room. I did not yell at him and I was not even mad, but I did go back into the basement later and say "you cannot fold clean towels on a floor that we walk on everyday". After that he said he was sorry than I said OK and went back upstairs. He was sure I was coming back down stairs to yell at him and say I knew you did that on purpose, but nothing happened and the rest of that day went fine. I would have to say that my research method could closely resemble social psychology. Likely done in a more formal and controlled way, a psychologist may have studied how people's actions are affected by others. The same way my brother’s actions affected my actions. If I were given the opportunity I would have used the same method of testing....
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