case 5 - E coli outbreak cases due to how easy it is to get...

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Emily Lin 3/13/11 Case 5: EHEC and Our Guts 1. DNA Footprinting to find binding site on DNA for QseB protein: 2. Scenario 1: Transcription of a gene would… a) no transcription b) up transcription c) up transcription d) up transcription but no translation e) no transcription f) up transcription g) up transcription h) no transcription Scenario 2: The Level of Eukaryotic regulation being affected is: b) Transcription c) Transcription d) Translation f) Translation g) Translation 3. a) After looking at facts on EHEC, I think even though only 5-10% of those diagnosed with STEC develop potentially life threatening complications, it is slowly becoming more of a major public health concern because as the years go by, there seem to be an increasing number of
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Unformatted text preview: E coli outbreak cases due to how easy it is to get infected since is it very easily contracted just from touching or ingesting contaminated items. Also, food production-wise, E. coli outbreaks are now more serious since food is mass produced and distributed, so many people of different areas can be infected at a time and then spread it to others in the same location. b) Public Health measures that would be helpful in preventing STEC infections are installing more hand washing or hand sanitizer stations in public, educating and giving demonstrations to the public about risks and teaching them how to protect themselves against infection, and also employing more cleaning staff to sterilize doorknobs, toilet seats, and other often touched areas susceptible to human germs....
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case 5 - E coli outbreak cases due to how easy it is to get...

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