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Emily Lin 4/10/11 Case 8:The Epigenetics of Cancer 1. Normal PcG is a proto-oncogene, because during a gain-of-function, it causes important tumor suppressors to be turned off, thus allowing for unregulated cell proliferation, and turns into an oncogene. Thus, it can be drawn that normally without the gain-of-function, it is a proto-oncogene, since it controls cell growth. Normal TrxG is also a proto- oncogene because during a gain-of-function, it causes many oncogenes to be turned on and by definition, a gain a function is when a proto-oncogene turns into an oncogene. 2. A novel cancer therapy that could be conducted could start first with a biopsy of a tumor. Then the DNA can be sequenced to find the mutation. After identifying the mutation, we can find the protein and create an antibody or any kind of cell signaler. This would then bind to the target protein and change the confirmation so that PcG and TrxG transcription factors cannot bind to the receptors and promote gene expression that initiates cell
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