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case study four what is GWAS

case study four what is GWAS - Emily Lin Case 4 What is...

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Emily Lin 2/19/11 Case 4: What is GWAS and what can it tell us? 1. a) On www.plosgenetics.org , GWAS generated 125 hits while GWA brought back 1 result. Genome Wide Association Study generated 1,788 results. b) #12 in Genome Wide Association Study, “Genome-Wide Associations of Gene Expression Variation in Humans”. c) The authors were analyzing 630 genes in 60 unrelated individuals of Utah with ancestry from Northern and Western Europe, using the data of the International Hap Map project. They used three different methods of multiple test correction, including false discovery rate, permutation and Bonferroni, and ended up finding that abundance of common genetic variation explains gene expression differences among individuals. From a total of 374 genes, they detected genetic variants with significant effects on transcript level for 10 to 40 genes in cis . They also found that Trans signals in three genes are only supported by one of the two statistical methods employed for genome-wide analysis (Bonferroni and permutations) and are more likely to be false positives. Thus, it was
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