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Lecture Eight Notes - Nicole Katzman September 28, 2011...

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Nicole Katzman September 28, 2011 Lecture 8 Notes War and Peace Domestic Politics and War The Puzzle War is costly for states. What if there are actors within the state who see war as beneficial or expect to pay little of its costs? Do states fight wars to satisfy narrow interests? Blood for ? Special” interests can make countries more belligerent by making them less easily satisfied in negotiations. As long as war is costly, there will usually still be a range of agreements that both sides prefer to fighting. The proximate cause of war remains incomplete information and problems of credible commitment. Who Wants War? “National” versus “particularistic” or “special” interests National interests are held widely within a country, so we can reasonably attribute them to the state as a whole. U.S. Interests and Oil United States has claimed a national interest in ensuring a steady supply of oil Commitment to Saudi Arabia since 1943 Carter Doctrine, 1979 1991 Persian Gulf War, 2003 Iraq War Carter doctrine a response to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan U.S. Interests and Oil
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Sources of U.S. interest: Military consumes large quantities of fuel U.S. economy dependent on secure oil supply Particularistic Interests and Oil Particularistic interests are those held by a relatively small number of actors within a country A specific business Ethnic minority group Individuals within government U.S. oil companies profit greatly from activities in the Middle East They depend on the U.S. government to intervene militarily If actors within the state have varying interests, may need to amend our analysis of the causes of war Which interests matter?
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Lecture Eight Notes - Nicole Katzman September 28, 2011...

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