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Memory associated with Hippocampus → o CONSILIDATION o Hippocampal region acts as an “index” → links together all of the otherwise separate bits of information so we remember them as one. o Putting information into long-term memory store o Long-term Potentiation (LTP), or enhanced neural processing that results from strengthening synaptic connections, occurs in several pathways within the hippocampus o Anterograde amnesia HM cannot make new memories but can remember old ones o Recognition Not associated with Hippocampus → o Priming o Procedural memory o Semantic Memory Associated with Lobes → o Left frontal = o Retrieval of presented information o Temporal lobe o Recall of sounds activates auditory cortex, in upper temporal lobe
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Unformatted text preview: o Name blocking occurs from damage to the left part of the temporal lobe on the surface of the cortex o Strong activation when recalling proper names o Occipital lobe = o Recall of pictures activates the visual cortex o When being asked to recall information without being primed o Frontal Lobe = o Recalling information without being primed, word retrieval o “Divided attention” experience less activity in the lower left frontal lobe, while normal attention has increased activity o Damage to frontal lobe are prone to source memory o MR’s multiple sclerosis caused damage to frontal lobe...
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