quizzes - 1) The peripheral nervous system is to sensory...

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nervous system is to interneurons 2) Occipital lobes are to seeing as the temporal lobes are to hearing 3) Glial cells help in the general care and feeing of neurons 4) The sequence of brain regions from oldest to newest: brainstem, limbic system, and cerebral cortex 5) The two hemispheres of the brain communicate with each other primarily through a wide band of fibers that pass between them called the corpus callosum 6) Evolutionary psychologists would most likely attribute gender differences in attitudes toward casual sex to the fact that men have greater reproductive potential than do woman 7) If your brainstem is destroyed, then the left side of your brain could not control the movements of your right hand 8) For children from impoverished environments, stimulating educational experiences during early childhood are more likely to prevent the degeneration of activated connections between neurons. 9) Curare is a paralyzing poison that functions as an Ach antagonist 10) A behavior geneticist would be most interested in studying hereditary influences on personality traits. 11) Limbic system has been thought to be involved in all the following behaviors except remembering (is it not apart of the 4 F’s) 12) Louis lost his ability to read, even though he could see, speak fluently, and understand language. He damages his angular gyrus (Wernicke’s area??) 13) An undersupply of serotonin is most likely linked to depression. 14) Alzheimer’s is most closely linked to acetylcholine 15) The parasympathetic nervous system accelerates digestion and slows heartbeat. 16) Damage to the right cerebral hemisphere would reduce your ability to
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quizzes - 1) The peripheral nervous system is to sensory...

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